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How-to Use



1. Register for an account.

2. Login to Starred to start customizing your bookmarks.

3. Start adding bookmarks (or 'Stars') using the 'My Stars' page.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are 'Stars'?

A star is a bookmark, which is a website link saved for future reference. Throughout this website you will see the term 'stars' used in this way.

How do I add the stars on the homepage?

Click the light blue star to the left of the title of the star to add it. Once this is done, you should see the star newly added to your profile under 'My Stars'.

Why can't I get to the 'My Stars' page or add popular/newest stars?

If you can't access the 'My Stars' page, you likely have not logged in. Please use the login form you are re-directed to, or register for an account.